Vinyl floor manufacture and distribution company in Hanoi

Are you foreigners looking for a place to buy plastic floor in Hanoi?

You are looking for a reputable vinyl flooring company that offers high quality imported vinyl floor?

You are in need for a professional vinyl floor constructor for your new apartment?

You are looking for quality yet affordable imported vinyl floor materials?

Then San Dep Joint Stock Company would be your perfect option.

Vinyl floor manufacture and distribution company in Hanoi

Why should you choose San Dep?

The current market for vinyl flooring is expanding with an excessive growth of companies that supply plastic floor. In addition, uncountable new models and designs coming out every day, customers really need to put in some work in order to choose reputable distributors to put trust in and avoid buying poor quality products.

San Dep is proud to be one of the leading companies specializing in importing, manufacturing and distributing the materials of wooden floor furniture, plastic floor for construction projects, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, corporate office and villa projects as well as luxury apartment building for foreign countries, and many more…

The products that we provide are all directly imported from abroad. The products are all high quality and strictly tested and licensed with invoices, CO, CQ ... In addition, when purchased directly at San Dep company, products are always sold at the lowest, most competitive prices.

The largest distributor of vinyl flooring in Hanoi

San Dep Company is proud to be the No. 1 vinyl flooring company in Hanoi with over 10 years of experience in the field of providing flooring products, we are confident to always bring the best products and services with the most affordable price to our customers. When choosing San Dep there will be no need to worry about the cost, customers will just need to the choose their desired product and San Dep will take care about the rest.

Becoming our exclusive vinyl flooring agent

With the desire to provide customers our service nationwide with affordable and genuine plastic flooring products and bring the most convenience experience to customers when buying and viewing product samples...

San Dep Joint Stock Company will soon establish its agent systems and shops in districts and provinces in the Northern and Central Vietnam. If you want to know how to become one of San Dep’s agent or the nearest San Dep agents or shops, please contact us on the hotline: 0916.422.522 to know more about the best promotion policy for our customers as well as agents coming to San Dep.

When buying vinyl floor at San Dep customers will be guaranteed:

buying vinyl floor at San Dep

The most affordable price in the flooring market as well as wholesale price at San Dep warehouse.

We specialize in the distribution of plastic flooring to foreigners with many large projects for apartments and homes for foreigners such as Korea, USA, Japan, China, ...

We have a team of professional interpreters and sales consultant who are always willing to help you with choosing the best products.

The quality and originality of all products are guaranteed with licence and proofs, in order to give customers the best experience at San Dep.

Genuine warranty from the manufacturer for all types of products by San Dep.

Support with constructing, free installation quickly within a strict technical process.

Fast delivery across the country at the request of customers.

Why do many customers use plastic floor?

Plastic floor are very durable

Good strength vinyl flooring can withstand high pressure up to 850kg / cm2.

Plastic floor has zero to none fading and always gives off vibrant color due to the surface protection coating technology.

Completely waterproof

This is the only floor type that can be installed in all interior areas, including the bathroom. The floor is non hydrated, non-slippery so it is an excellently high application material in interior designing.

Vinyl flooring is not termite, does not warp shrinkage or blister because the floor itself does not absorb water.

Easy to set up

There are 3 types of flooring: glue-coated, self-adhesive and lock-in plastic flooring. Each type has a different installation, but all are very easy to install. Flooring with a smart key structure 5G wedge, the positive and negative floorboards just need to collapse between the floors.

➳ Reference: How to install vinyl flooring

Various styles and sizes

vinyl flooring material

Flooring is diverse in styles as well as colors for example smart 3D printing design, wood grain lines that are no different from natural wood, or stone pattern and carpet pattern. Each vinyl flooring material has a unique feature for each area of ​​the indoor space. The variety of patterns and colors of the floor combines indoor furniture, creating a distinctive style of the homeowner.

Wood grain has 2 main types, smooth and grainy, which keep the surface non-slippery. Smooth yet clear lines of this kind of flooring bring a minimalist yet luxury elegant comparing to the normal stone floor.

Plastic flooring products at San Dep

Sàn nhựa Galaxy, sàn nhựa Inovar, sàn nhựa IDE Floor, sàn nhựa IBT Floor, sàn nhựa Eco’st, sàn nhựa VFloor….

If you are interested, in love or simply just want to try out plastic flooring and experience many of its utilities like the luxury yet cost savings, give the showrooms of San Dep a visit for advice, support, or answer for any of your questions. All customers who decide to choose our products are fully satisfied with the quality of products and services that we bring.

Please contact us today for detailed information on affordable plastic flooring products and construction processes. We look forward to supporting and serving you. Hotline: 0916.422.522


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